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Exciting News for our Pathfinders Community!

Hey everyone! I'm delighted to share a thought-provoking article from our latest newsletter at the Academy of Life Planning. It's all about rethinking the concept of retirement - not just from a financial perspective, but for our overall well-being.

In this read, we explore:

  • The unexpected health benefits of continuing to work in our later years.

  • How meaningful work can keep us mentally and physically vibrant.

  • The joy of balancing work with leisure for a truly fulfilling life.

Our journey at the Academy is not just about securing finances; it's about achieving 'Kokoro' - a life rich in emotional, intellectual, and spiritual abundance.

Let's discuss how we can embrace a future where work is not a chore, but a source of joy and purpose, even as we age.

Join the conversation and discover how sustainable work can enrich our golden years!

Read the full article here


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