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"Selling investments to the poor, a game most foul and rich,

A theft so sly, a scheme so vile, a treacherous bait-and-switch.

To steal from those with naught to give, to line the pockets grand,

Of those who dwell in gilded halls, with wealth's unyielding hand.

But show the poor the way to earn, the path to gold and gain,

And watch as poverty's cruel chains are shattered, broke in twain.

A lesson taught, a future bought, a destiny redefined,

No longer bound by want and woe, a prosperous life designed.

So choose, dear friend, the path you tread, the legacy you leave,

A robber of the weak and worn, or saviour, if you believe.

For in your hands lies power great, to harm or heal the rift,

Between the rich and ragged poor, a world's most precious gift."

- Steve Conley, Planning My Life | AI Life Planner


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