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Introducing the Game Plan: A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning for Everyone

Hello, Planners!

I'm thrilled to share my latest article that delves into a revolutionary concept we've been working on at Planning My Life—The Game Plan.

What is the Game Plan? The Game Plan is not just another financial plan; it's a holistic blueprint for life. It goes beyond merely focusing on investable assets and takes into account the complete financial health of an individual. It's a financial plan that resembles a business plan, covering everything from cash flow to intangible assets.

Why is it Important? The Game Plan is designed to be inclusive, aiming to empower not just the top 5% but everyone. It has the potential to lift 60% of the world's population above the empowerment line, contributing to the eradication of global poverty.

How is it Delivered? Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we can deliver the Game Plan on various scales—from one-to-one consultations to mass delivery, making it accessible to all.

Get Started Today For just £19 per month, you can gain access to a wealth of planning resources, including the Game Plan, through our service Planning My Life.

Let's democratise financial planning and make it accessible for everyone. Because everyone deserves a Game Plan for life.

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