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SEC registers first AI-Adviser: Are the floodgates set to open?

"Say hello to my little AI-friend!" 🤖 The world of AI has unleashed a virtual grenade into the financial advice sector! 💣 It's here! 🌎 The world's first AI-powered officially registered financial adviser (seriously?). 💼 👉 Yep, you heard it right! ChatGPT-driven PortfolioPilot has received the SEC's official stamp of approval, free to advise US investors with zero human intervention. 🚫 What's the next move? World domination, perhaps? 👑 So, what magical powers does PortfolioPilot bestow upon us mere mortals? 🤔 1️⃣ No human involvement 🤵 2️⃣ Built-in compliance program 📋 3️⃣ 13,000 users 👥 4️⃣ $6 billion on the platform 💰 5️⃣ Average savings of $1600 in annual fees 💡 👁️ As the financial world's gaze fixates on PortfolioPilot, could this be the ultimate disruption, the path to complete automation? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ AI is gaining acceptance in the financial realm, but acting solely on AI advice remains rare - most still seek a traditional adviser's approval. 🤝 Embracing the benefits of AI as a valuable support tool for research, analytics, and managing routine tasks could still be a game-changer for financial advisers. 🦾 However, during these times of uncertainty, make sure you’re communicating the human value - the extra value - that you’re bringing to the table, something a robot but will never be able to do. ✅ First non-human financial advisor regulated by SEC


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