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Embrace Your Journey: Transforming Retirement into a New Beginning

Published: 25th November 2023

At "Planning My Life", we've always believed in redefining life's chapters. Today, we're inspired by stories of Jayne Burns, Bob Rohloff, and Melba Mebane - remarkable individuals who have gracefully worked into their 90s and 100s, showcasing a new era of retirement.

A recent report highlighted a notable shift: more Americans are now working past 75. This trend reflects changing health, lifestyles, and financial needs as people live longer and seek fulfillment beyond traditional retirement.


The stats speak volumes: In 2002, about 5% of Americans over 75 were employed; by 2022, this increased to 8%. And by 2032, it's expected to reach 10%. It's not just about financial needs; many find joy and purpose in their work, turning hobbies into careers, as shown by Jayne Burns, a centenarian working at a fabric store.

What drives this change? It's a blend of longer life spans, evolving attitudes towards retirement, and, crucially, the need for adequate savings. At "Planning My Life", we understand these dynamics intimately.

Our mission? To empower YOU to take control of your financial future and personal growth. Whether you're approaching retirement or rethinking your career, our AI Life Planner and community of experts, including insights from our founder Steve Conley, are here to guide you.

With a monthly subscription of just £19, unlock a treasure trove of resources: planning tools, videos, and an engaging community. We're not just about planning; we're about creating a life rich in both financial security and emotional fulfilment.

"Planning My Life" isn't just a service; it's a movement. A commitment to making financial planning accessible and transformative. Join us in building a future where everyone can live their 'Kokoro' - a life of abundance in every aspect.

Let's start a conversation about reimagining retirement. How do you envision your later years? Share your thoughts and let's inspire each other!

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