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📣 Time to Address the Elephant in the Room: The Crisis in Financial Services

For over half a century, the financial services sector has been riddled with mis-selling scandals. Despite regulatory frameworks, the issue remains unresolved, leaving investors at risk and eroding public trust.

📰 I've written an in-depth article that not only explores the root causes but also proposes a groundbreaking solution: the emergence of non-intermediating financial planning.

🔍 From the notorious cases involving endowments and pensions to the more recent scandals like the British Steel workers' pension debacle, the liability often lies with the intermediary—a liability that follows them to the grave.

🌏 Globally, steps are being taken to address this. India's SEBI has banned financial advisers from being intermediaries, and other markets have criminalised bad intermediation.

🔄 It's high time for a paradigm shift. By eliminating the intermediary, we can significantly reduce the scope for mis-selling and restore integrity to the financial planning process.

🔗 Read the Full Article Here

🤝 Your thoughts and insights on this matter are invaluable. Let's work together to create a more transparent and ethical financial planning ecosystem.


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