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Become a Pathfinder with 'Planning My Life' and embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Pathfinders is more than just a community; it's a movement towards taking control of your destiny, guided by innovative tools, expert support, and a network of fellow explorers.

Discover our vibrant online community within our website, where Pathfinders can connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on life's journey. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment that fosters community, engagement, and personal growth.

As a Pathfinder, you'll have access to key features including:

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Dive into our interactive and captivating community of Pathfinders, where you'll be encouraged to stay longer, revisit frequently, and forge lasting connections with our site's content and mission. Together, we are shaping the future, one life plan at a time.

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Embrace Your Journey: Transforming Retirement into a New Beginning

Published: 25th November 2023

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🌟 Pathfinders, A New Horizon Awaits! 🌟

We're thrilled to share the latest AoLP blog post with our 'Planning My Life' community. This insightful read embodies our core mission: to democratise financial planning and empower you to take control of your life and finances. 🚀

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Decision Journal Q&A:

Question: Hi Steve, I loved the Decision journal in principle and usefulness. I wanted to get started but could not understand how to use the prompt. Please help. Answer: Open Decision Journal on ChatGPT4. Type. "Here is my Game Plan, can you help me set up a Decision Journal for it?" Then attach your Game Plan report. Press enter. Let ChatGPT do the rest.

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Have you got ChatGPT4?

Would you like an AI Generic Financial Planning Adviser?

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🌟 Step Into Your Financial Confidence with Our Free Quiz

Financial empowerment starts with a single question: Where do I begin? I'm excited to share a tool that marks the starting point of your financial empowerment journey – the Financial Activation Quiz. It's free, insightful, and tailored to help you understand your financial standing.

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🌟 Exciting News, Life Planners! 🌟

🔍 Are you ready to discover a solution to the 'planning gap' that could redefine your golden years? We've got just the read for you!

Martyn Green
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Important News for Financial Security

Members of our "Planning My Life" community, we have some positive developments in our continuous fight against financial exploitation. The government is taking decisive steps to protect us from the illegal practices that threaten our financial well-being.

Key Points:

Martyn Green
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Unlocking Eudaimonic Wellbeing for Older Adults: A Path to Longer, Better Lives

Hello, wonderful community!

We often talk about financial security, but what about eudaimonic wellbeing? A recent analysis by the McKinsey Health Institute reveals that older adults are not just happier but also healthier when they engage more in society.

Martyn Green
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New Article Alert: A Solution for Employers to Address Employee Financial Concerns

Hello Pathfinders,

Martyn Green
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Dear Pathfinders,


Inspired by a compelling TODAY's TelegraphMoney cover story, we reflect on the need for a more transparent and value-driven approach in financial planning. Our discussion extends to the promising horizon of non-intermediating financial planning, a realm where empowerment and transparency take centre stage.

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