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A Better Life Everyone Can Afford: Empowering Your Future with "Planning My Life"

In a world where financial stability and personal growth often seem out of reach, "Planning My Life" offers a beacon of hope and empowerment. Our innovative AI Life Planner guides you in crafting personalised life plans, providing clarity, direction, and empowerment. As a service dedicated to democratising financial planning, we stand firmly on values of integrity, innovation, community, personal growth, and decentralisation.

Understanding the Empowerment Line

A recent McKinsey Global Institute report introduces the concept of the "empowerment line," a threshold above the international poverty line that measures the ability to afford essential goods and services and save for the future. This concept aligns seamlessly with our mission at "Planning My Life," where we believe that everyone should have the tools and knowledge to achieve economic empowerment.

The Current Economic Landscape

While economic growth has improved living standards in lower- and middle-income countries, high costs and inequality in advanced economies prevent about 20% of the population from achieving full economic empowerment. Rising costs, particularly for housing and food, often outpace income gains, creating a significant barrier for many households.

The Role of Affordability

The McKinsey report highlights a crucial point: if countries could reduce the costs of essential goods and services to match their best-performing peers, nearly 230 million additional people could achieve economic empowerment. At "Planning My Life," we recognise the importance of affordability and are committed to helping our members navigate these financial challenges.

Empowerment Through "Planning My Life"

For a subscription of just £19 per month, "Planning My Life" members gain access to an extensive library of planning resources, tools, and tests, along with insightful videos and a community of like-minded planners. Our bottomless Q&A email support from experts, including industry trailblazer Steve Conley, ensures you have the guidance you need at every step.

Our Values and Vision

  • Empowerment: We equip you with the tools to take control of your financial future.

  • Integrity: Our transparent approach ensures you have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

  • Innovation: Our AI Life Planner provides cutting-edge guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • Community: Join a supportive network of individuals committed to personal growth and financial success.

  • Personal Growth: We focus on holistic development, ensuring your financial planning contributes to your overall well-being.

  • Decentralization: We place ownership of data and assets in your hands, breaking the control of institutions.

Global Impact

Beyond individual empowerment, "Planning My Life" envisions a world where financial planning contributes to ending global poverty. By making financial planning accessible and transformative, we align with broader humanitarian goals, working towards a more equitable world.

Join the Movement

"Planning My Life" is more than a service; it's a movement, a philosophy, and a commitment to creating a fulfilling and successful life for everyone. We invite you to join our community, unlock your potential, and transform your life.

Our unique focus on providing genuine value without gimmicks sets us apart. We offer affordable membership because we believe in the worth of what we offer—a world where financial planning is accessible, empowering, and transformative for all.

Join us at "Planning My Life" and be part of a community that's shaping the future. Together, we can create a world where everyone can afford a better life.


Q&A: Empowering Your Financial Future

Q1: What is the empowerment line, and how does it relate to financial planning?

A1: The empowerment line is MGI’s estimate of the expenditure required for every individual in a given country to access essential needs such as nutritious food, housing, energy, safe water, transportation, healthcare, education, clothing, and communication, with some minimum spending on recreation or community activities. This line signifies a frugal life that allows people to focus on more than mere survival and includes a small margin for savings to reduce the risk of falling back into poverty. At "Planning My Life," we align with this concept by providing tools and guidance to help individuals achieve financial stability and empowerment, ensuring they can meet their essential needs and build wealth over time.

Q2: How does "Planning My Life" help address the affordability challenges highlighted in the McKinsey report?

A2: "Planning My Life" offers resources and personalised guidance to navigate financial challenges effectively. By providing access to planning tools, expert insights, and a supportive community, we empower our members to make informed decisions that enhance their financial well-being. Our focus on affordability aligns with the McKinsey report's findings, helping members manage costs and improve their economic standing.

Q3: What are the core values of "Planning My Life," and how do they benefit members?

A3: Our core values are empowerment, integrity, innovation, community, personal growth, and decentralisation. These values guide our approach, ensuring that we provide transparent, innovative, and supportive financial planning services. Members benefit by gaining control over their financial future, accessing cutting-edge tools and resources, and being part of a community that fosters personal and financial growth.

Q4: How does the AI Life Planner work, and what makes it unique?

A4: The AI Life Planner is an innovative tool that offers personalised life planning guidance based on individual circumstances. It analyses your financial situation, goals, and preferences to create tailored plans that provide clarity and direction. What makes it unique is its ability to adapt to your changing needs and provide real-time, actionable insights, helping you stay on track toward achieving your financial and personal goals.

Q5: What is included in the "Planning My Life" subscription, and how does it support members?

A5: For £19 per month, members gain access to a comprehensive suite of planning resources, including a library of tools, tests, and videos. Additionally, members can tap into bottomless Q&A email support from experts, including Steve Conley. This support ensures that members receive timely, personalised advice, helping them make informed decisions and effectively manage their finances.

Q6: How does "Planning My Life" contribute to global efforts to end poverty?

A6: "Planning My Life" contributes to global poverty alleviation by democratising financial planning and making it accessible to a wider audience. By empowering individuals with the tools and knowledge to manage their finances effectively, we help lift people out of financial hardship. Our commitment to transparency and innovation aligns with broader humanitarian goals, aiming to create a more equitable and prosperous world.

Q7: Why does "Planning My Life" provide affordable membership, and what value does it offer?

A7: We offer affordable membership because we believe in the genuine value of our offerings. Our services are designed to provide transformative financial planning support without gimmicks. By investing in a membership, individuals gain access to high-quality resources, expert advice, and a supportive community that collectively empowers them to achieve financial stability and personal growth.

Q8: How can I join "Planning My Life" and start benefiting from its services?

A8: Joining "Planning My Life" is simple. Visit our website and sign up for a subscription. Once a member, you'll have immediate access to our extensive resources, expert support, and vibrant community. Start your journey toward financial empowerment and personal growth today by becoming part of a movement dedicated to transforming lives and shaping the future.

Q9: How does "Planning My Life" ensure the security and ownership of my data and assets?

A9: "Planning My Life" prioritises decentralisation, ensuring that ownership of your data and assets remains in your hands. We implement robust security measures to protect your information and provide transparency in how your data is used. Our commitment to integrity ensures that you can trust us to handle your financial planning needs with the highest level of care and responsibility.

Q10: How is the empowerment line calculated, and what does it signify?

A10: The empowerment line is calculated using detailed cost-of-living data from the WageIndicator Foundation, which surveys spending on a basket of essential goods and services. This includes costs for housing, food, energy, healthcare, and more, with adjustments for savings and social participation. The line reflects a minimum living standard that enables people to focus on more than survival and start building wealth. It extends the "living wage" concept to the entire population, considering not just workers but also children, the elderly, and those relying on government transfers or retirement savings. By understanding and targeting the empowerment line, "Planning My Life" helps members achieve financial stability and improve their quality of life.

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