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"Planning My Life": Cultivating Fulfilment in Financial Planning

In the quest for happiness, conventional wisdom often equates increased wealth with increased well-being. However, as Chris Budd, founder of the Institute for Financial Well-being, highlighted, happiness is not solely dependent on financial status. While intentional activity plays a crucial role in this equation, the understanding of wealth's impact on our contentment requires a nuanced approach—a perspective deeply ingrained in the ethos of "Planning My Life".

Founded by Steve Conley, "Planning My Life" is a pioneering service that champions a revolutionary approach to financial planning. It is not just about striving for more money in the hope that it will lead to happiness, as this belief is often misplaced. Nobel laureate economists Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton, along with research by Easterlin et al., have shed light on the complex relationship between income and joy. Their findings resonate with the values of "Planning My Life": beyond a certain point, the pursuit of wealth does not equate to a proportional increase in happiness.

Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk whose insights on well-being are revered, eloquently captures this sentiment: "Happiness is a state of inner fulfilment, not the gratification of inexhaustible desires for outward things." "Planning My Life" embodies this philosophy, advocating for a life rich in financial security and emotional, intellectual, and spiritual abundance—what we refer to as 'Kokoro'.

For a modest subscription of £19 per month, members of "Planning My Life" gain access to an AI Life Planner and a trove of resources designed to enlighten and empower. More than just financial advice, this service is about guiding individuals towards making wise financial decisions that align with their personal values and contribute to genuine happiness.

By emphasising the importance of using excess funds for altruistic goals rather than the accumulation of wealth, "Planning My Life" aligns with a growing body of evidence suggesting that helping others can enhance our own well-being. This approach not only fosters a sense of community and shared purpose but also aligns with the global vision of contributing to the end of world poverty.

"Planning My Life" stands out for its commitment to providing value and transformational experiences from the very beginning, focusing on member empowerment and long-term well-being. It is more than a business; it is a community, a philosophy, and a movement dedicated to redefining the relationship between financial planning and happiness.

In essence, "Planning My Life" champions the belief that true contentment comes from within and that financial planning should be a tool for achieving inner fulfilment and for enabling altruistic endeavours. It is a call to action for anyone seeking a meaningful life, offering a clear direction and support in navigating the complexities of personal finance with integrity and purpose.

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