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"Planning My Life": Empower Your Journey with Visionary Financial Life Planning

Founded by Steve Conley, "Planning My Life" is dedicated to empowering you to take command of your life, finances, and future through an innovative AI Life Planner. This service facilitates the creation of personalised life plans, providing clarity, direction, and the tools needed for self-empowerment.

Our Mission: To democratise financial planning and personal growth, making these essential tools accessible and transparent for everyone. We champion decentralisation, placing control back into your hands – empowering you to own your data and financial destiny free from institutional constraints.

Subscription Benefits - Just £19 per month:

  • Comprehensive Resource Library: Access an extensive collection of planning tools, diagnostic tests, educational videos, and more.

  • Community of Visionaries: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their paths to financial and personal enlightenment.

  • Unlimited Expert Q&A: Enjoy bottomless email support from financial experts, including pioneering insights directly from Steve Conley.

Our Values:

  • Empowerment & Integrity: We empower our members with the tools and knowledge to control their own destinies.

  • Innovation & Community: Our community thrives on innovation and collective support.

  • Personal Growth & Decentralisation: We promote personal development and the break from traditional institutional dependencies.

Global Vision:

  • Humanitarian Goals: "Planning My Life" isn’t just about individual success; it's aligned with global efforts to eradicate poverty and elevate living standards worldwide.

Membership Experience:

  • No gimmicks, just genuine value. We believe in straightforward, paid membership that gets right to the heart of what financial planning should be: empowering, enlightening, and transformative.

Join the Movement:

  • "Planning My Life" is more than just a service—it's a movement, a philosophy, and a community committed to fostering a successful and fulfilling life for each member. It’s about unlocking potential, transforming lives, and shaping the future together.

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