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Revolutionising Financial Planning: Empowering Scale with HapNav, A "Planning My Life" Innovation


In the dynamic landscape of financial services, "Planning My Life," founded by Steve Conley, is at the forefront of a transformative shift. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a deep commitment to democratisation and personal empowerment, Planning My Life introduces HapNav—an innovative end-user financial planning app. This tool not only meets the modern consumer's expectations for accessibility and personalisation but also revolutionises the way financial planning is delivered at scale.

The Vision Behind "Planning My Life"

"Planning My Life" offers more than just financial tools; it represents a movement towards accessible and empowered financial planning. With a clear focus on personal growth, integrity, and innovation, the service provides members with an AI Life Planner and an array of resources for a subscription of £19 per month. Members benefit from personalised life plans, a comprehensive library of planning tools, and unlimited expert support. The ethos of "Planning My Life" centers on breaking down institutional barriers and placing control directly in the hands of individuals.

HapNav: A Technological Leap in Financial Planning

At the core of Planning My Life's innovative approach is HapNav, an app that integrates seamlessly with open banking. This integration allows real-time, accurate financial data to flow into the planning process, enabling personalised and precise financial analysis. HapNav transcends traditional financial planning barriers by automating data integration and scaling personalised advice, effectively handling a vast number of users without relying on increased financial adviser hours.

Advantages of HapNav and End-User Apps

  1. Automated Real-Time Data: HapNav's use of open banking technology ensures that financial plans are always based on the latest financial information, increasing the accuracy and relevance of financial analysis. And, placing control of data in the hands of end-users, not financial planners.

  2. Scalability Through Automation: By leveraging technology to automate processes, HapNav offers personalised financial planning on a scale previously unattainable with adviser-dependent models.

  3. 24/7 Accessibility: Users can access their financial plans on their terms, anywhere and anytime, aligning with the convenience-driven expectations of today's consumers.

  4. Empowered Decision-Making: With accurate data and insightful analytics, users gain the knowledge to make informed financial decisions, promoting a deeper sense of financial security and independence.


"Planning My Life," through its innovative HapNav app, exemplifies the future of financial planning. This initiative by Steve Conley not only addresses the immediate needs of users but also paves the way for a future where financial planning is universally accessible, empowering, and transformative. As we continue to embrace these technological advancements, Planning My Life remains committed to its mission of shaping a fulfilling and successful life for all its members, fundamentally changing how financial planning is perceived and executed globally.


Questions & Answers

Q1: What is "Planning My Life" and how does it change the way financial planning is approached?

A1: "Planning My Life" is a service founded by Steve Conley aimed at democratising financial planning by making it accessible, transparent, and personalised. Unlike traditional financial planning, which often depends on institutional control and adviser availability, "Planning My Life" empowers individuals with tools and resources, such as the HapNav app, to manage their financial future independently. This approach emphasises personal growth, community, and the decentralisation of data and assets.

Q2: How does HapNav work and what makes it unique in the financial planning industry?

A2: HapNav is an innovative end-user app integrated with open banking, which means it connects directly to users' bank accounts to pull real-time financial data. This allows for accurate, personalised financial planning based on up-to-date financial information. HapNav's uniqueness lies in its ability to scale personalized financial advice without the need for more advisers, thereby breaking traditional scalability barriers in financial planning.

Q3: What are the main benefits of using HapNav for financial planning?

A3: The main benefits of using HapNav include:

  • Automated Real-Time Data: Seamless integration with open banking ensures that financial plans are always based on the latest financial information.

  • Scalability: Automation allows for the delivery of personalised analysis to a large number of users efficiently.

  • Accessibility: Users can access their financial plans anytime and anywhere, meeting the modern consumer’s demand for convenience.

  • Empowerment: Users are equipped to make informed decisions about their finances, enhancing their financial security and independence.

Q4: How much does a subscription to "Planning My Life" cost, and what does it include?

A4: A subscription to "Planning My Life" costs £19 per month. This subscription grants members access to an AI Life Planner, a comprehensive library of planning tools, tests, videos, and a community of like-minded planners. Additionally, it includes bottomless Q&A email support from financial experts, including insights from Steve Conley himself.

Q5: How does "Planning My Life" align with broader social and humanitarian goals?

A5: Beyond individual empowerment, "Planning My Life" aligns with broader social and humanitarian goals such as ending world poverty. By providing tools and education on financial planning and personal growth, it aims to equip individuals globally with the knowledge and means to improve their socioeconomic conditions. This mission reflects a commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Q6: Can HapNav replace a traditional financial adviser?

A6: HapNav is designed to empower users to manage their finances with a high degree of autonomy and is particularly suited for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their financial planning. While it provides tools and insights comparable to traditional financial advisers for many people, it may not entirely replace the need for personalised advice in complex financial situations. However, for the majority of planning needs, HapNav offers a robust, scalable, and user-friendly alternative.


Summary: Revolutionising Financial Planning: The Power of End-User Apps in Achieving Scale


  • Financial planning is undergoing a transformative shift with technology and customer-centric strategies.

  • Ben Goss emphasises the necessity of shifting from product-oriented to customer-focused services.

  • "Planning My Life" pioneers this transformation with HapNav, an end-user app integrated with open banking, setting new standards in personalised financial management.

Limitations of Traditional Adviser-Based Models

  • Constrained by the finite number of adviser hours and clients' inaccurate recollections of their financial statuses.

  • Scalability is limited as each adviser can only manage a certain number of clients effectively.

  • Dependence on potentially outdated or inaccurate client-reported data hampers effective financial planning.

The HapNav Solution

  • Paradigm shift in financial management using open banking technology.

  • Connects directly to users' bank accounts, providing real-time financial data for enhanced accuracy and personalisation.

  • Eliminates reliance on client memory, enabling tailored financial analysis based on up-to-date information.

Advantages of End-User Apps for Scalable Financial Planning

  • Automated Data Integration: Leverages open banking to ensure financial plans use the most current data.

  • Personalisation at Scale: Automates data integration and analysis, allowing personalised planning for a vast number of users without additional adviser time.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Users can access their financial plans anytime and anywhere, aligning with modern expectations of convenience.

  • Empowered Financial Decisions: Provides users with better insights and more accurate data, enhancing their financial well-being and security.


  • The growing need for responsive, personalised, and scalable financial services highlights the role of technology-driven solutions like HapNav.

  • HapNav exemplifies the future of financial planning, placing control directly in users' hands, meeting current needs, and paving the way for accessible, transparent, and effective financial management for everyone.

  • This approach not only meets the current needs but sets the stage for a future where financial planning is widely accessible and effective, transforming the financial planning landscape.

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