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The Game Plan: A Blueprint for Financial Well-being and Beyond


In the realm of financial planning, there's a glaring gap between what's commonly offered and what's genuinely needed. Traditional financial planning often focuses narrowly on investable assets, leaving a vast landscape of financial health unexplored. Enter the Game Plan, a holistic approach to financial planning that goes beyond mere numbers. It's a plan for life, accessible to all, and it's revolutionising how we think about money and well-being.

The Traditional Financial Plan: A Limited Scope

Most personal financial plans are limited in scope, focusing primarily on investable assets. These plans aim to preserve wealth for retirement, often neglecting the broader aspects of financial health. This narrow focus is largely because financial planners are compensated based on assets under management, creating a system that benefits only a small percentage of the population.

The Business Plan Analogy

Imagine a business plan. It considers various metrics like net profit, operational costs, cash flow forecasts, and even intangible assets like brand value. Now, why shouldn't an individual have a similar comprehensive plan? That's precisely what the Game Plan aims to provide. It's a financial plan that borrows the thoroughness of a business plan, tailored for individuals.

What is the Game Plan?

The Game Plan is a holistic financial strategy that covers:

  • Financial Metrics: Cash flow, net profits, and operational costs.

  • Intangible Assets: Skills, professional connections, and intellectual property.

  • Well-being Metrics: Eudaimonic well-being, which contributes to a longer, happier life.

  • Social and Environmental Impact: Aligning your finances with your values for a quadruple bottom line—purpose, people, planet, and profit.

Democratising Financial Planning

Unlike traditional financial plans, the Game Plan is not just for those with substantial investable assets. It's for everyone. With the right technology and support, the Game Plan can be delivered on various scales—individually, in groups, or even to the masses. This inclusivity has the power to lift a significant portion of the global population above the empowerment line, where they can not only meet essential needs but also achieve financial security.

The Game Plan at Planning My Life

At Planning My Life, we're committed to making the Game Plan accessible to all. For a subscription fee of just £19 per month, members gain access to a plethora of planning resources, expert advice, and a community of like-minded individuals. Our core values of empowerment, integrity, and innovation guide us in delivering a service that aims to democratise financial planning and contribute to global poverty alleviation.


The Game Plan is not just a financial plan; it's a life plan. It's about creating a fulfilling life that balances financial security with emotional, intellectual, and spiritual abundance. At Planning My Life, we believe that everyone should have access to this revolutionary approach, and we're making it happen, one Game Plan at a time.

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