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When 4 in 10 Employees Ask for Financial Help, Employers Have a Solution: "Planning My Life"


Recent research by fintech Mintago reveals a concerning trend: 40% of UK employees have discussed personal finances with their managers. Amid a cost-of-living crisis, financial concerns are escalating, and employers are urged to step in. But how can they effectively address this issue? The answer lies in a revolutionary service: "Planning My Life."

The Problem: Employees Struggling Financially

According to Mintago's survey, finances rank third among employee concerns, following mental health and job satisfaction. Despite this, only 33% of managers report having a clear process for handling these concerns. The cost of living, fears over rent or mortgage payments, and worries about debt are among the main financial concerns plaguing employees.

The Solution: "Planning My Life"

Founded by Steve Conley, "Planning My Life" is a visionary service that empowers individuals to take control of their financial future. For just £19 per month, members gain access to a wealth of planning resources, including AI-driven life planning tools, a library of educational content, and expert support.

Why "Planning My Life" is the Answer for Employers

Transparency and Accessibility

The service democratises financial planning, making it accessible and transparent. It breaks the control of traditional financial institutions, placing the ownership of data and assets in the hands of individuals.

Comprehensive Support

Beyond financial planning, the service offers a holistic approach to personal growth. It aligns with the broader humanitarian goals of alleviating global poverty and contributing to social well-being.

Community and Expertise

Members join a community of like-minded planners and gain access to bottomless Q&A email support from experts, including insights from Steve Conley himself.

The Bottom Line

Ignoring financial concerns not only affects the well-being of employees but also impacts the overall productivity and success of an organisation. "Planning My Life" offers a robust solution that addresses these concerns head-on, backed by a philosophy of empowerment, integrity, and innovation.


It's time for employers to take action. By integrating "Planning My Life" into their employee benefits package, they can provide a comprehensive solution to the financial concerns that 4 in 10 employees are facing. In doing so, they're not just solving a problem; they're investing in the future of their workforce and, by extension, their organisation.

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