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Are University Students Ready with a Winning Game Plan?

As students embark on their university journey, a crucial question arises: Do they have a game plan? A Game Plan is a comprehensive strategy that combines a life plan, a financial plan, and a personal business plan. It's about more than just surviving day-to-day; it's about thriving and securing a future free from overwhelming debt. With "Planning My Life," students can create their own Game Plan, ensuring they navigate their expenses and plan effectively to avoid being saddled with student debt for the majority of their working lives.

The Current Student Debt Landscape

According to recent analysis by the Department for Education, the financial outlook for today's students is daunting. More than one in seven of this year’s university starters in England will still be repaying their student loans well into their fifties. The repayment period for tuition fee and maintenance loans has been extended to 40 years, a significant increase from the previous 30-year limit. As a result, many graduates face the prospect of repayments extending almost to retirement age.

The Financial Burden

The figures are staggering. Freshers beginning their degrees this year are expected to borrow an average of £43,000 over the course of their studies. While 65% of these students are projected to repay this amount in full—an increase from 27% in previous cohorts due to the frozen graduate salary repayment threshold and extended repayment terms—the financial burden remains significant. This shift is designed to reduce the burden on taxpayers but consequently places a heavier long-term financial strain on graduates.

Rising Costs and Student Numbers

The cost of student loans is projected to rise dramatically. Government spending on student loans has already reached £20 billion this year and is forecasted to climb to £24.6 billion by 2028. This increase is driven by a projected growth in the number of students taking out loans, with undergraduate entrants expected to rise to 567,000 by the 2028-29 academic year—an 8% increase from 2022-23. Additionally, the amount borrowed in maintenance loans is set to grow.

The Importance of a Game Plan

Given these challenges, having a Game Plan is essential. "Planning My Life" offers students a powerful tool to manage their finances effectively. The platform provides a day-by-day cash flow modeller, helping students navigate their expenses from one grant cheque to the next. More importantly, it enables students to plan strategically to minimize their debt load over their working lives.

Strategic Financial Planning

By creating a Game Plan, students can:

  • Manage Daily Expenses: With a clear cash flow model, students can track their spending and ensure they are living within their means.

  • Avoid Long-Term Debt: By understanding their financial commitments and planning for the future, students can take steps to minimize their debt and avoid repayments extending into their fifties.

  • Prepare for the Future: A comprehensive plan encompasses not only current financial management but also long-term goals, including career planning and business ventures.


In an era where student debt can follow graduates well into their later years, having a Game Plan is more important than ever. "Planning My Life" equips students with the tools they need to manage their finances, avoid long-term debt, and set themselves up for a secure financial future. By taking control of their financial planning today, students can navigate their university years with confidence and ensure a brighter, debt-free tomorrow.


Planning My Life: Empowering Your Financial and Life Journey

"Planning My Life" is a revolutionary service designed to empower individuals to take charge of their lives, finances, and future. Through our innovative AI Life Planner, we guide users in creating personalized life plans that offer clarity, direction, and a sense of empowerment.

Our Mission

At the heart of "Planning My Life" is a mission to democratise financial planning and personal growth. We strive to make these processes transparent and accessible to everyone. By emphasising decentralisation, we ensure that the ownership of data and assets remains with individuals, breaking the traditional control held by institutions.

Comprehensive Resources

For a subscription of £19 per month, members gain access to an extensive range of planning resources. This includes a library of planning tools, tests, instructional videos, and a supportive community of like-minded planners. Additionally, members benefit from unlimited Q&A email support from experts, featuring insights from Steve Conley, a pioneer in the financial industry.

Core Values

Our approach is shaped by the following core values:

  • Empowerment: Enabling individuals to take control of their financial futures.

  • Integrity: Ensuring transparency and honesty in all our interactions.

  • Innovation: Providing cutting-edge tools and resources.

  • Community: Fostering a supportive network for shared growth.

  • Personal Growth: Encouraging continuous development and learning.

  • Decentralization: Giving individuals control over their data and assets.

A Global Vision

"Planning My Life" is committed to a broader humanitarian goal: contributing to the end of world poverty. We believe in the power of financial education and planning to drive significant, positive change on a global scale.

Unique Approach

Our service is distinct in its genuine value proposition. We go straight to a paid membership model, avoiding gimmicks and focusing on providing real, tangible benefits. It's about creating a world where financial planning is accessible, empowering, and transformative for everyone.

More Than a Business

"Planning My Life" is more than just a service; it's a movement, a philosophy, and a commitment to helping individuals achieve fulfilling and successful lives. By joining our community, you are part of a collective effort to shape the future, unlock potential, and transform lives.

Join us at "Planning My Life" and take the first step towards a brighter, more empowered future.

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